Feedback and Testimonials

"I didn't want to get off the chair - I felt so wonderfully relaxed and such a deep sense of peace" - A.B (Lee-On-Solent)

"Thank you for the guided meditation - it was beautiful" - G.D (Spain)

" That .. ( the Reiki ) .. was marvellous - I feel like the cat that has eaten the cream!" - R.B (Alverstoke)

"I cannot believe how good I feel - thank you" - J.C (Fareham)

"I feel so much calmer, and the pain in my back and shoulder has eased off" - N.G

"The Reiki was beautiful - I have a much deeper understanding now" - S.H (Gosport)

"I feel so much deep joy and peace now - I thank God I was guided to find you" - S.H (Horton Heath)

"I feel wonderful - I am amazed at the amount of heat and tingling I experienced! Can't believe it is possible to feel so good" - L.Mc (Inverurie)

"Thank you for helping me over my husband's death. I feel much calmer" - A.McC (Lee-on-Solent)

"I feel so much more balanced and am now thinking about things in a more positive way" - S.M (Alverstoke)

"I am sleeping amazingly well, and I now see the belief patterns I don't need any more" - C.M (Gosport)

"Wow, that was amazing - I shall definitely have more Reiki when I go back to the States" - H.M (Livingstone, New Jersey)

"I am feeling so much more relaxed, and felt such a sense of well-being when you put your hands on my shoulders, and a shooting of energy/tingling down both legs" - J.M (Bitterne Park)

"I have had such relief for the pain in my joints, and am the calmest and have the best peace of mind in my life" - Z.N (Locks Heath)

"I feel I have healed the events of the past now" - C.R (Hedge End)

"This .. ( handing over the money ) .. cannot begin to cover what you've done for me. Reiki is brilliant ! - J.S (Gosport)

"Thank you for easing the pain in my leg" - C.S (Gosport)

"The shoulder pain has completely gone - after 8 years with it! - I will recommend you to people" - J.S (Stubbington)

"I am feeling so much more relaxed and positive about life - thank you" - C.T (Whiteley)

"Thank you for a wonderful massage - I have never felt so pampered" - D.G (Gosport)

"The Indian Head Massage has worked wonders on my neck - I haven't used any painkillers since I have been having the massages" - M.M (Lee-on-Solent)

"The Indian Head Massage has really helped my head and neck - I have taken no Nytol for weeks now, and am sleeping so well" - A. K (Warsash)

"That massage was wonderful - all the pain in my muscles has gone - thank you" - A.R (Stubbington)

"Thank you so much for the massage - I feel so good - I know I shall sleep well" - D.B (Fareham)